Where to buy an Instagram account with active followers?

There have been many ways to buy an Instagram account for some time, but it's just a few of the sites that have offered Instagram with active followers.

Regarding security, though I'm from my personal experience, I would recommend staying away from the accounts sales forums. Especially if it's your first time to buy an account because they're usually full of incomplete characters and all kinds of scams in general. However, if you choose to, you should pay for a brokerage service as these forums generally recommend buying at your own risk.

Another option would be to create an account that offers your page for sale on Instagram. However, if they demand that you pay through PayPal partner links or sites, it is likely that someone will try to cheat because this type of transaction is non-refundable. I cannot tell you how many times I found this when I tried to buy accounts for my clients.

Another option would be eBay (I have used this option in the past in smaller editions), but recently I started selling the clearance because it violates the Terms of Use and Instagram.

Then there are websites from where you can buy Instagram account like Viral Instas, Fameswap, etc. I have no experience with Fameswap, but I have experience with Viral Instas. I bought multiple accounts for multiple customers and offered instant password delivery. That was a big advantage compared to when I bought an account through eBay and had to wait for my customers for the seller to give them passwords. All accounts have a handbook on how to maintain and enhance the page. It provides useful information, and also a search tool label for each account that contains about 500 labels for each page, and offered the chance to do that the content account in each of the hashtags was successful, so my clients got the best hashtags for their publications.

Apart from that, I'd like to add that if you buy Instagram account ensures it's relevant to the content you want to share. Treat it like buying a website. For example, you will not buy a website promoting real estate for the sale of dog products, so remember.